Annual General Meeting 2022




Thorncliffe sports Club 7:30pm


Andy Smith – Chairman
Nigel Palmer – Vice Chairman
Jackie – Finance Officer
Paul Milner – Secretary
Jack Foster – Development Officer
Jayne Mason – Kit Officer
Baz King – Welfare Officer
U7 Blue – Andy Varns – No attendance
U7 Yellow – Sterl
U8 Yellow – Mark Kubon
U8 Blue – Matt Ledwood
U9 Blue – Dan Keeton
U9 Yellow – Scott Dunkerley
U10 Yellow – Alex Melia
U10 Blue – Baz King
U11 Blue – Dan Peacock
U11 Yellow – Lee Kearns
U12 Blue – Nick Dennis
U12 Yellow – Jez Collins – No attendance / no apologies
U13 Yellow – Paul Milner
U13 Blue – Richard Jones – No attendance
U14 Blue – Mark Butcher – No attendance
U14 Yellow – Mikey Taylor
U15 Blue – Matt Griffin – No attendance
U15 Yellow – Karl Davison
U15 Girls – Scott Richardson
U16 – Glenn Crossley – No attendance
U18 – Ross Barrows
U21 / First Team – Marcus Wood


Richard Jones U13 Blue
Mark Butcher U14 Blue
Matt Griffin U15 Blue
Scott Richardson U15 Girls
Rob Landon U16

Non – Attendance /
No Apologies

Jez Collins U12 Yellow

Minutes AGM 2021

Meeting minutes reviewed from 2021. No actions and
no matters arising

Chairman’s Report

See attached report

Secretary’s reports

See attached report
Paul asked all managers / coaches to ensure
qualifications are brought up to date ASAP.


See attached the full treasury report


Jack has decided to resign his position after 24 years
loyal service to our club. (Thank you Jack). We will be
advertising for the development officers position ASAP.
All managers & coaches are asked to share

Welfare Report

All managers and members are reminded of the clubs
stance on 0% tolerance for abuse of referees.
Baz would also like to ensure all managers pass on the
clubs committee members contact details are passed
on to all members.


Attendance of AGM meetings are compulsory as per
Thorncliffe FC constitution. If a manager cannot attend
then apologies must be sent to the Secretary along
with a replacement representative of that team. (I.E
Assistant Manager, or in some cases a Parent). This
must be done prior to the meeting and apologies noted
within meeting minutes.

Kit Report

New kit has been supplied to 95% of players. Slight
issues around socks and some sizing. Jayne to manage.
Question around the embroidered edge of the badge
and how it looks on the training wear. Jayne and Nigel
to meet with New Balance and explore some options.
Jayne to sort socks / sizes.
Jayne and Nigel to meet with NB and discuss badge options
then report back to members.

Committee Members

The Clubs Chairperson (Andy Smith) has decided to
resign his position. The committee would like to put on
record our thanks to Andy for his time & dedication in
this role.
Nigel Palmer Volunteered and was proposed by Andy
Smith, 2nd Karl Davison for the Chairpersons position.
All members present then voted unanimously for Nigel
Palmer to take the Chairpersons role. Nigel Palmers
Vice Chairpersons role now becomes vacant, no
volunteers at the meeting for this role, this will be
advertised for.

The Clubs Development Officer (Jack Foster) has
decided to resign his position. The committee would
like to put on record our thanks to Jack for his time &
dedication in this role. This role will be advertised for.

All committee members voted back into the
same position by club managers

New Committee positions
The committee would like to ask for applicants for the
following new committee positions;
Fund Raising Officer – No applicants in the room, to be
advertised. Open roles to be advertised for.

Welfare assistant – No applicants in the room, to be
advertised. Referee’s liaison officer – Neil Cooper volunteered,
proposed by Baz King & 2nd Nigel Palmer. Voted


Thorncliffe Social Club – Ideas were requested for the use of the club on match
days and how the experience can be improved
Float – Jackie Crookes asked all managers to confirm if they had any changes to bank accounts, this is so she can process the £100 float / team for referee’s fee’s.

Next AGM Meeting

The next AGM is scheduled for– the 4th of September 2023 at 20:15. Venue – The Club.

Secretaries Report

Chairman’s Report