Covid 19 – The Return of Football Activities old

Dear parent,

Please read the important notice below regarding the return of football activities. Can we then request that the form is downloaded completed and returned to the respective Team Managers in agreement with the assessment below.

As per government guidelines and the FA setting out a return of football activities in small groups I need to point out that the return of your child is absolutely optional and at no point will you be pressured or feel pressured to return and any decision not to take part will be understood and this will certainly not effect your child’s place in the team.

I must also point out that attending training is at your own risk and the club or management team will not be held responsible for any such illness should it occur. Also our insurance does not cover COVID 19 however it will cover injury as per our clubs insurance policy.

The management team will 100% adhere to the guidelines and will not put anyone in danger at any time while under our care and I would expect that also from parents attending.

Stage Of Process

Upon arrival the following process will take place.

Parents must bring their own child and no other. On arrival please do not mix with any other parent or child and adhere to the social distancing guidelines at all times by keeping 2m apart. Cones will be set out for you to maintain this.

We will educate the players and explain our non-negotiable procedure.
All parties will sign the statement to confirm the adequate transfer of this information and pass to the management team.

The location of zones, sanitiser and other cleaning equipment will be pointed out and our control measures will be explained.

The players boots and any other items will be sprayed with disinfectant.

The players will then use hand sanitiser ready for their session.

Our arrival is a one way system to ensure each station is clean and disinfected before each session.

Stage Of Process – Commencement

During the session the following process will be enforced.
The coach will stay at least 2m apart through the whole session.
The player won’t pick up any balls or equipment throughout the session.
The players will stay in there allocated pitches and zones. The player will have a designated area for the water bottle they bring.

No physical contact with any other boy to take place and at all times must be 2m apart.

Stage Of Process – The end

After the session the following steps will take place.

The coach will have a talk and reflect on the sessions as usual but will stay at a safe distance.

The players will leave the pitch without coming into contact with other players.

The player will pick up their belongings from the designated zone and leave the pitch.

The equipment will be wiped down and disinfected ready for the next session.

When leaving you do so with your child and no other and do not gather with other members of the team. Please vacate the area

Please be cautious that while every attempt will be made to keep the boys apart in a safe way this could happen on occasions but we will do everything we can as a coach to stop this happening.

If any parent or child does display any symptoms of the CORONAVIRUS at all after or prior to the session you must inform the management immediately. If you do before a session YOU MUST NOT BRING THEM. And self isolate as per government guidelines and after a session the exactly the same procedure to be carried out.


The following PPE will be available for everyone at all times face masks & sanitiser will be supplied by the club on request.

Please download the pdf form below, complete and return to your respective Team Manager.

Kind regards
Team Management